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MARC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of volunteer citizens concerned about the welfare of animals. MARC was created to assist people and animals live more humanely in Marion County, Tennessee, and to help ease the social burden of too many stray dogs and cats.

Through its directors and volunteers, MARC provides education for children and adults about humane care and treatment of animals. MARC connects people with affordable spay/neuter procedures to begin decreasing the number of unwanted and costly litters. MARC works with county and town governments to prevent needless killing of impounded dogs and cats. MARC works with individuals and other animal groups to try to find good homes for unwanted dogs and cats.

MARC is not a shelter. We can save only the number of animals for which we have foster homes. We are a resource to help Marion County residents find safe places for strays, dumped, and unwanted animals. Residents who call MARC for help will be encouraged to foster the animals, while we work hard hopefully to find a place to relocate the animals.

Together we can and are making a difference in the welfare of animals and lives of people in Marion County, Tennessee.
Numerous unwanted dogs and cats are born every day.  These puppies and kittens are dumped on other peoples' properties, in woods, in ditches, in rivers, or shot.   Starving strays can be seen along the roadside or begging for food in parking lots.  Without being spayed or neutered these dogs and cats continue having litters of more unwanted animals.  MARC is working to provide education about altering dogs and cats and assisting people in connecting with affordable spay/neuter procedures to prevent the continuous onslaught of costly unwanted dogs and cats. Learn more on our Spay/Neuter page.
Marion County TN is a rural county located just west of Chattanooga, TN. The county does not have effective animal control, a humane society, or county shelter for animals.  There are two very small animal pounds utilized primarily by three of the towns located in this county.  The animals at the pounds are not publicized and the community is largely unaware of their existence.  MARC is working with local authorities to be notified of the presence of dogs and longer holding times allowing animals to be moved out of the pounds to good homes.
MARC works with animal groups in northern USA to find good forever homes for the numerous unwanted dogs and cats who cannot find homes in the south. Our volunteers help foster animals who are saved from the pounds while northern adoptive families are found.  Residents of Marion County many times struggle to care for litters of puppies and kittens who have been dumped while MARC works with northern contacts to find good adoptive homes.
The cost of preventing and/or saving these innocent lives is covered by individuals and some very welcome donations. The cost to the community of NOT saving these lives is enormous and far reaching.  The county and municipalities do not have the expenses associated with feeding, cleaning, and killing the animals including paying the workers. The health risks of so many stray animals can be a huge burden both financially and emotionally.

The inhumane treatment of animals is known to be connected with inhumane treatment of people and thus increased crime. The cost of crime saps many resources that could be better used.

MARC is steadily growing and making lives better for both animals and people in Marion County. Join us at MARC and help make a difference!