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New MARC Animal Care Center

We are taking in more animals than ever! Help us get our new building ready for the animals! We need $30,000 to renovate our new building!

Click on the blue text to go to the GoFundMe donation link. Thank you.

Statistics for 2019

During 2019, MARC served 2,113 animals.

Census on January 1. 2019 201

Total intakes 1057

  • Canine intakes 912
  • Feline intakes 145

Total number of animals spayed/neutered through MARC 1819

  • Pets of low income people 855
  • Pets rescued & adopted 964

*Spays & neuters were free to low income people’s pet


  • Adoptions 900
  • Returned to owner 17
  • Transferred to other rescue 137
  • Died in MARC’s care 2
  • Lost while in MARC’s care 3
  • Euthanized due to health or aggression issues 3

Census on December 31, 2019 196
  • Dogs 172
  • Cats 24

Statistics for 2018

2018 Statistics

Spays/Neuters: 1,698
Dogs: 1,200
Cats: 498
(450 spay/neuters were free to low income people’s pets)

Students taught humane care of animals: Approximately 3,000

Total Intakes: 1,457

Dogs: 1257
Strays: 537
People surrenders: 692
Transferred in from pounds: 28

Cats: 200
Strays: 107
People surrenders: 93

Total Outcomes: 1,324

Adoptions: 953
Dogs: 880
Cats: 73

Returned to their person: 18
Dogs: 16
Cats: 2

Transferred to other rescues: 318
Dogs: 208
Cats: 110

Died in care: 25
Dogs: 21
Cats: 4

Lost in Care: 4
Dogs: 4
Cats: 0

Euthanized: 6
Dogs: 6
Cats: 0

How to Get a Dog or Cat Spayed or Neutered

  • How to get a dog or cat Spayed or Neutered:
    -Go to our website at www.marc4change.org and schedule your appointment on-line
    -Call the MARC Message Line 423-240-9074
    -Leave a message that you want to get a dog(s) or cat(s) spayed or neutered, or altered.
    -A MARC volunteer will call you back, not right away but soon.
    -Our MARC Volunteer will get all your information in order for us to add you/the animals to the list.
    -MARC transports animals almost every week to a low cost spay neuter clinic. We go to several different ones because we cannot get enough appointments at one clinic.
    -The costs vary depending on dog or cat, weight, male or female. Generally the cost is about $40 for cats and about $55 for dogs.
    -Each animal must have a current Rabies vaccination or he/she will have to get one while getting altered. If your animal has a current Rabies vaccination you must provide to us proof by showing us the Rabies certificate you received when the animal was vaccinated.
    -LOW INCOME citizens of Marion County may apply for assistance. If you receive Food Stamps or TENNCARE or have some other proof you qualify as Low Income, MARC will spay or neuter your animal for free or for whatever amount you can afford. We ask you to pay whatever you can afford to help MARC help more people and animals.
    ** Also, check out our Momma/Puppies Program: MARC will spay mom for Free if you will allow MARC to vet and find good homes for all her puppies and you can keep your momma dog. Or MARC can find a good home for Mom too.
    Make your appointment Now on-line
    Call MARC Now and get on the list!
    Thank you for caring about animals.

MARC rescues more than 50 animals from home.


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