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    • How You Can Help
    • Items We Need
    Tab 1
    Pet Transporter
    We often need people to help transport dogs to new foster homes, forever homes, vet visits, and other rescue organizations.
    Foster Families
    We need families to house and care for animals, so we have time to find them great homes! Usually foster homes have puppies, dogs, kittens, cats from 2-12 weeks. We can't do this without you! Please consider becoming a foster family.

    Retired teachers (or anyone interested) can help create and present educational programs to use in schools and at public events to help spread awareness about improving the lives of animals for future generations in Marion County, Tennessee.

    Photographers & Creative Writers
    Needed to visit pounds to meet and photograph dogs for newspapers and adoption websites.  

    Needed to help our dogs look more adoptable when they come from neglected situations.

    Event Planning
    People with ideas and energy to help with adopt-a-thons, creative dog events and—last but not least—fund raising.

    Computer Savvy People
    For website help, online promotion and fundraising.

    Veterinarians & Vet Techs
    To help with Low Cost Spay and Neuter and Rabies Clinics and accessing animals in the field.

    To put up fencing and other odd jobs.

    Interested? Contact us or download our Foster Questionnaire.
    Tab 2
    What Does MARC Need?

    • Monetary Donations for Low Cost Spay and Neuters
    • Building for Spay and Neuter Clinic
    • Storage Building
    • Dog Houses
    • Dog Food
    • Cat Food
    • Collars and Leashes
    • Travel and Indoor Crates
    • Outdoor Kennels
    • Used Fencing
    • Printer Ink (ask for specifics)
    • Walmart Gift Certificates
    • Tractor Supply Gift Certificates
    • Donated Items from Businesses for Raffles
    • Why Spay or Neuter?
    • Low Cost Clinic
    Tab 1
    Why Spay or Neuter?
    1. Your pet will live longer.
    2. Dogs and cats roam less.
    3. Pets get fewer cancers.
    4. Aggressive behaviors are reduced.
    5. Male cats spray less.
    Tab 2
    Wally's Friends
    Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
    Call to make an appointment for the “Wally's Kimball Transport.”
    (423) 877-9966

    This group sends a van to pick up Marion County pets for spay/neuter in Red Bank Tennessee.

    Pets are returned to Marion County the next day.

    Wally's travels to Marion county one day each month.

    $80 for dogs under 50 lbs.
    $10 extra for dogs 50+ lbs.
    $20 extra for dogs approaching 100 lbs.
    $60 for cats
    $15 for rabies vaccination (required if pet has no proof of a vaccination)
    • Safety
    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Teaching Materials
    • COVID-19
    Tab 1
    Household Chemicals
    Cleaners, make-up, medicine, and garden/lawn supplies can be very toxic to both people and pets. Dogs and cats are curious and get bored with long hours alone, so will chew on anything.   Keep all household chemicals locked or up on a higher shelf than a child or a pet can reach!

    Dogs and cats do not understand moving vehicles and can be killed by them.   Keep your pets on a leash when near traffic!  Most dogs can learn to avoid cars, but it takes time and training.

    Your pet's name and your telephone number should be on your pet's collar. The current rabies tag should also be attached to the collar. A slide-on flat ID band is great.  Or buy a plastic name tag, to keep from having the maddening "clank" of metal tag against metal tag right under your pet's ears.

    Many people keep their dogs at home by putting them on chains or ropes.  Three tragic occurrences can happen to your dog on a chain: 1) your dog can wrap himself around the doghouse, a tree, or pole and become immobile.  While trying to free herself, your dog could become choked and die.  Or your dog could be unable to reach water on a hot summer day, and become dehydrated 2) your dog cannot get away from a wandering vicious dog and can be maimed or killed in a fight 3) your dog could be stolen by a human!

    • If you must tether your dog while you are at work, set up a cable 5 feet high between two trees and then clip your dog’s leash to that run.  Show him/her how to move back and forth between the trees. 
    • Cats will climb fences and get free from a yard.  To deter climbing out, try adding a foot of fence that is slanted inward.
    • Dogs and cats that are spayed or neutered AND have people who spend time daily with them will usually stay close to home.

    Food Dangers
    Chocolate, raisins, and onions are bad for your pets. Also, moldy food can sicken your pet.  Keep pet food in a cool, dry place and empty out any moldy food from your pet’s bowl. 

    Cats need all their claws to defend themselves from dogs or coyotes. Removing claws also causes mental stress on cats, because they have lost a defense mechanism they were born with and they have lost the joy of climbing! Declawing removes the first knuckle of the toe, not just the claw.

    Rabies is a serious disease, which is caused by a bite from a wild rabid animal.  Protect your pet with a yearly rabies vaccination.
    Tab 2

    Dogs need shelter from the rain, cold, and heat. If your pooch lives primarily outdoors, he needs to stay dry in a downpour, warm in cold weather, and cool in hot summer.

    A dog house should be 4 inches off the ground and should face southeast (away from prevailing winds).

    Plastic or wood are the best materials for a house. Do NOT use a metal barrel for a dog house; they are hot in the summer and cold in the winter!

    Put straw or sawdust bedding in the house in winter and keep no bedding in the house in summer. Replace with dry bedding, if it becomes wet.

    In winter, bring your dog indoors if temperatures go below freezing!

    Keep plenty of water available for dogs, both summer and winter. If your dog flips his water bowl over, try a larger bucket, with a rock placed down inside to weigh the bucket down.

    Change water at least every other day. This keeps mosquito larva from living in the water and keeps water from freezing in winter. Dogs drink as much water in winter as in summer.

    A dog should have shade in summer. Doggies can cool off in a hard sided kiddie swimming pool. Partially fill with water and empty regularly to prevent mosquitos.

    Dogs need quality dog food. Feed puppies twice per day and adult dogs once per day.

    Leaving food out all day in a bowl encourages mold, makes food stale, and invites insects and rodents.

    Feeding dogs large amounts of human food is NOT the healthy diet they need.

    Dogs should not eat chocolate, raisins or onions!

    Dogs can thrive on homemade, well balanced cooked foods with a brown rice or barley base (not corn).

    Dogs LOVE to be with their people, and they HATE being left alone in a kennel or on a chain!

    Dogs thrive on activities such as retrieving a ball or frisbee, taking walks, learning commands, or riding in the car to visit new places.

    If your dog is left alone for most of each day, your dog will be a difficult and unpleasant pet. He or she will bark a lot, pace, whine, and possibly try to free himself to run away.

    Dogs need mental and physical stimulation, and walking provides both! If you choose to walk your dog each day, your dog will get to smell the world and exercise her legs. Result: a happy, healthy, and more faithful dog!

    Spay or Neuter
    This is important for ALL pets today. Overpopulation ruins communities and causes stress for pets. (Select Spay/Neuter section above.)

    Chew Toys
    Puppies HAVE to cut teeth and MUST chew something each day for a couple of years. Provide your dog with a variety of chew items to keep her satisfied. A smooth stick or knotted sock will do the job just as well as a purchased chew.

    If a dog chews something forbidden, hand him an item that he is allowed to chew. Spanking a dog for doing what is natural (chewing) confuses dogs and can cause fear and distrust in your pet.

    Worm Medicine
    Several kinds of worms can invade your dog and cause poor health (and heartworms can cause death). A yearly check at your vet can detect worms, provide medicine to kill worms, and prevent more worms.

    Dogs need vaccinations to prevent 1) Rabies 2) Bordetella (kennel cough) 3) Parvovirus 4) Distemper

    See your vet for prevention of these diseases.

    Flea and Tick Control
    Fleas and ticks can bring misery to your dog. Pesticides or diatomaceous earth can bring your dog relief. Ask your vet for the best way to prevent or treat for these pests.
    Tab 3

    Outdoor cats need a small house to keep warm in winter. Carpet is a good liner for a wooden cat house.

    Dry straw provides good bedding. Change straw if it becomes wet.

    Blankets are not best for bedding because they hold water.

    If the temperature goes below freezing, it is best to bring your cat indoors!

    Nutritious food is needed for health. A teaspoon of oil on dry food can help cats have fewer hair balls. Feed cats twice each day, but do not leave food out all day (becomes moldy or stale).

    Change water regularly in summer and winter.

    If a dog and cat share water, make sure the cat can reach the water and replenish it if the dog drinks all the water.

    Most cats love people and enjoy being patted just like dogs. Cats are less needy than dogs, however.

    Sharpening Claws
    Cats have claws to protect them. They need to sharpen those claws each day and need objects for that purpose. Trees are effective, as are carpeted boxes or cylinders (which can be purchased).

    Removing cat claws is not recommended, because it harms cats both mentally and physically. Removing the claws actually amputates the first knuckle of each toe.

    Cats need enriching activities and thrive when given toys. Simple items like a paper bag, a cardboard box, a ball of yarn, or a paper towel tube keeps cats engaged and content.

    Catnip stuffed “mice” are enticing, too. Swap out toys every few days.

    Spay or Neuter
    This is important for ALL pets! (See Spay/Neuter section above.)

    Worm Medicine
    Cats get parasites like dogs and need vet check-ups to detect and kill worms.

    Rabies Vaccination
    Cats need a yearly rabies vaccination to protect them from rabies, which is a deadly disease.

    Fleas and Ticks
    Cats don’t get many ticks, but fleas can cause misery to a cat. Ask your vet for flea treatment options.

    NOTE: Cat fleas are different from dog fleas!

    Feline Leukemia
    Kittens and young cats can get leukemia, a potentially deadly disease. To prevent leukemia, have your vet vaccinate your cat.
    Tab 4
    Tab 5
    • Vets
    • Training
    • Boarding
    • Grooming
    Tab 1
    All Creatures
    Dr. Hatler & Dr. Bijvoet
    1016 W. Main Street
    Monteagle, TN 37356
    (931) 924-0551
    Animal Care Center
    Drs. Ashley & George Bowers
    1626 Sharp Springs Rd.
    Winchester, TN 37398
    (931) 967-6345
    Dunlap Animal Clinic
    Dr. Blevins
    15023 Rankin Ave.
    Dunlap, TN 37327
    (423) 949-9999
    Kirk Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. Kirk
    1960 Main St.
    Kimball, TN 37347
    (423) 942-5560
    North Jackson Animal Hospital
    Dr. Smith & Dr. Hood
    124 County Rd. 85
    Stevenson, AL 35772
    (256) 437-8483
    The Pet Clinic
    Dr. Powers
    1121 Willow Ave.
    South Pittsburg, TN 37380
    (423) 837-5551
    Tab 2
    Pearl's Pet Spa
    1030 Main Street
    Kimball, TN 37347
    (423) 664-6609
    2130 Gunbarrel Rd.
    Chattanooga, TN 37421
    (423) 899-9223
    Play Dog Excellent (PDX)
    4113 Dayton Blvd.
    Chattanooga, TN 37415
    T (423) 870-7740
    F (866) 370-7821
    Summerhouse Boarding Kennels
    102 County Rd.189
    Bridgeport, AL
    (256) 495-2554
    Tab 3
    Pearl's Pet Spa
    1030 Main Street
    Kimball, TN 37347
    (423) 664-6609
    Summerhouse Boarding Kennels
    102 County Rd.189
    Bridgeport, AL
    (256) 495-2554
    Tails-Up Boarding & Grooming
    435 South Cedar Ave.
    South Pittsburg, TN 37380
    (423) 837-3799
    Tab 4
    Jenny's Muddy Buddies
    Mobile Grooming Van
    (423) 661-4755
    Plush Puppy Dog Grooming
    4139 Main St.
    Jasper, TN 37347
    (423) 942-3252
    Summerhouse Boarding Kennels
    102 County Rd. 189
    Bridgeport, AL
    (256) 495-2554
    Tails-Up Boarding & Grooming
    435 South Cedar Ave.
    South Pittsburg, TN 37380
    (423) 837-3799
    You Lucky Dog Pet Grooming
    1475 Old Jasper Rd.
    South Pittsburg, TN 37380
    (423) 228-4110